Firmware updates are deployed remotely by Wecheer to smart bottle openers globally in batches (deployment waves). Performance of new firmware versions is continuously monitored.

The current stable version of the firmware is version FW4.0.4.

Release Notes:

BOx+/4.0.4_RC04_PROD+Mar 14 2022

-Improvements to reduce power consumption.

BOx+/4.0.2_RC15_PROD+Mar 10 2022

-Support for new camera sensor model (hardware design change).

BOx+/4.0.1_RC14_PROD+Dec 16 2021

-Support for latest hardware version.

-Totally revamped firmware architecture to allow for improved security and better performance.

-Improved Wi-Fi performance thanks to a new connection logic.

BOx+/3.1.1_PROD_IMU+Mar 04 2020

-Stable version.